Sinful humans 

بِسْم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As humans who believe in sin and good deeds. Who believe in heaven and hell. We are often surrounded by our mistakes, we lie, backbite, steal, curse, hate, commit adultery and much more. Through our path to reach perfection we realize our imperfection . So how do we cope with our imperfection? 

We are not Angels, it’s nice to think that we are sometimes. We are not robots who are programmed to do a set of tasks. We are humans, and as humans we are born with free will. Free will enables us get something completely right or all the way wrong. If it wasn’t for free will, life would be colorless, emotionless, and distasteful. But, with free will comes consequences. And we have to learn from those consequences that we like to call mistakes and sins. If someone goes hiking, and then suddenly falls in a hole, he will pull himself out and learn that next time he should be careful. But if he goes hiking on the same trail 4 times and falls in the same hole 4 times then something is wrong. And samething applies to sins. If you commit a sin once, you will learn not to commit it again. But if you commit it multiple times then that sin becomes a habit. 

Some of us have managed to pull ourselves out of the hole, but many of us are stuck with habits. So what’s the solution? God has created us, and God knows that we are going to sin throughout our lives so therefore God made himself the all-forgiving. God is the most merciful and there is no one kinder than God. Any one with any sin can simply take a couple of minutes and ask God to simply forgive them. God has even stated that if anybody’s sins would reach the sky, he would still forgive them. 

So live life, hiking the trail careful of the holes. But if you do fall in one try your best to pull yourself out, and if you are unable to, don’t worry. Just simply ask God for forgiveness. 


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